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NFL Week 3: My Picks

I’m planning on having short descriptions for each game for my weekly picks, but due to reasons outside my control (Mayweather/Ortiz, parties, etc.) I wasn’t able to last week. I still went 11-5-1. Maybe I should make my picks slightly buzzed all the time?

Also, so you know where I’m at mentally, I will never ever ever ever ever put money on the Ravens (or Titans) again. I chose Baltimore in not one, but TWO survivor pools last week and they screwed me. Seriously, how does a Super Bowl contender, after de-pantsing Pittsburgh the week before, lose to a Matt Hasselback led Titans team against one of the top defenses in the league? I will try to avoid putting my money on any Ravens game this year because of this game. I can’t trust Baltimore.

That’s the NFL for you. Time for the picks.

11-5-1 last week.

19-13-1 overall.

Home teams in BOLD.

49ers (+3) over Bengals 

This game is entirely dependent on Frank Gore. He hasn’t looked like Gore this year at all. I don’t see the explosion or cuts out of his legs like I usually do. Can it be because the line is bad? Sure, but the 49ers have never had a particularly great line. Can it be the poor QB play? Sure, but 49ers QB’s have never torn it up. If Frank Gore turns into Frank Gore (125+, 1 TD, 40 receiving yards), then the 49ers win this game straight up. This will be a close one.

Patriots (-9) over Bills

I’m not a believer in the Bills yet. They beat down a horrible Chiefs team and an unproven Raiders secondary traveling across the country after a Monday night game. The Patriots pass defense isn’t that much better, if at all, but the Bills gave up 35 points to a depleted Raiders offense at home, not a good sign with Tom Brady and Co. coming into town. The Bills will get their usual 17-24 points, but the Patriots will go for 35+.

Saints (-3.5) over Texans

The Shootout in the Superdome. The Saints made Jay Cutler look like a rag doll last week but the Houston offensive line isn’t as bad as Chicago’s. Houston’s secondary is better but not good enough to contain the Saints. Arian Foster is most likely out while Mark Ingram has yet to show up in the NFL. Something’s gotta give right? Both teams will put up points but the home factor will push the Saints to victory. I see a 31-24 or 34-27 game here. This will be a fun one to watch.

Eagles (7.5) over Giants 

Michael Vick will play, but will he finish the game? I don’t think he will, but the Philly defense will blitz and haunt Eli Manning’s dreams for games to come. The Giants won’t score more than 14 points in this game. So can Vick put up enough points by the time he gets another concussion? I think he will. His backup’s backup didn’t look to bad last week either. Seriously though, how is Vince Young hurt right now? Anyone remember? I can’t.

Dolphins (+3) over Browns 

I saw this stat this week where it said the Dolphins are 1-13 in their last 14 home games? I could be off by a game or two but that’s ridiculous. I guess you can be better away than at home? Didn’t think that was possible. Anyway, the pre-season hype for the Browns quickly died after Colt Mccoy started to look like a bottom 10 QB and people finally figured out that Peyton Hillis is white. I like the Dolphins to take this one easily.

Titans (-7) over Broncos

Ugh. I guess I have to pick this game. The Broncos are atrocious and the Titans aren’t very much better. I still am confused about the Titans win last week. I probably will NEVER get that one. Titans are home here and the Broncos look like a team waltzing their way towards a top 5 pick next year. Wouldn’t be surprised if Brady Quinn saw some snaps here late either. I think CJ2K looks like CJ2K here too. Expect 100+ yards and multiple touchdowns from him.

Lions (-4) over Vikings 

The Lions are for real. I know I know you’ve heard that 10392398149 times this NFL season but I had my doubts. With Stafford healthy this is a playoff team. They put up points like nobody’s business and put pressure on the QB like no other team in the league. McNabb has looked BAD two games in. Peterson will get his usual but the Lions, in a dome, with everyone healthy? Double digit win for them on Sunday.

Jaguars (+4) over Panthers 

Just a gut feeling here. No reason to believe Cam won’t throw for another 350+ and 2+ TD’s. No reason to believe Blaine Gabbert will come in and actually show signs of a passing game. Can MJD play like the MJD of old? I think he can, especially against a depleted Panthers LB corps. Jaguars by a FG here.

Chiefs (+15) over Chargers 

The Chargers will still win this game but the Chiefs will cover. Why? Because the Chargers are always due for a stinker game (or four) the first month of the season. The Chiefs know the Chargers being in their division. The Chiefs can’t be THAT bad can they? OK, with Berry and Charles out they might be. That’s a lot of points the Chargers are giving knowing their early season struggles.

Raiders (+3.5) over Jets

Upset special: the Raiders will beat the Jets outright. The Raiders defensive front is quietly one of the best in the league,  and when Sanchez gets pressure he looks nothing more than an average QB. Heck, even without pressure he looks like an average QB. The Jets aren’t an high scoring team. So can the Raiders offense put up points against a tough Jets D? That’s the question. Revis will most likely roam considering the Raiders have no true No. 1 receiver. Look out for whoever Cromartie is covering (especially if its Waka Flocka Denarious Moore Flocka Flame) to break one for a big gain. Raiders home opener with the Jets traveling cross country. I like the Raiders.

Ravens (-3.5) over Rams

As I said before I will not be putting money on the Ravens the rest of the season. But the Rams are without Steven Jackson and have the most injuries in the league. Baltimore was embarrassed last week and this week they get back on track. Expect at least one defensive TD from them on Sunday too. This line should be double what it is. Oh well. Take the Ravens. Can’t believe I just typed that.

Falcons (+1) over Buccaneers 

The Falcons got the win last week, but if Michael Vick plays out the game the Eagles win it. The Bucs were down by 17 points to the Vikings before making a comeback in the Metrodome. With that said the Falcons are the better team. They have the better supporting cast on offense and the better defense. Talib on Roddy White will be fun to watch but keep an eye on Julio Jones, this could be his breakout game.

Seahawks (+3.5) over Cardinals

Can’t believe I’m picking the Seahawks here. They are absolutely atrocious. The Cardinals SHOULD win this game. This game won’t be for the faint of heart. No one outside of Arizona and Seattle should be watching this monstrosity of a game. One thing going for Seattle: their at home. Seattle is one of the toughest places to play and the Cardinals aren’t good enough to win big despite that. At worst the Cardinals win by a FG.

Packers (-4) over Bears

The Bears can’t stop ANYBODY from taking down Cutler. The Saints ripped him a new asshole last week. Figuratively and literally. The Packers blitz and blitz and blitz and today should be no different. The Packers put up points and I expect the Packers win this game by double digits. The Packers are clearly the better team, so the fact that they play each other twice a year doesn’t have much bearing with me. Expect Rodgers to have a big deal and Cutler to get sacked…and sacked…and sacked.

Steelers (-11) over Colts 

The Steelers defense…playing a Peyton Manning-less Colts…starting Kerry Collins…anything else need to be said here?

Redskins (+6.5) over Cowboys 

This line is a typical Cowboys line. The line-makers always give too much credit to the Cowboys. No way should they be 6.5 point favorites after barely squeaking by the 49ers last week. Romo, Felix and Dez are all banged up. Miles Austin isn’t playing. The Redskins are actually playing pretty well this year, Grossman is looking like an actual NFL QB, Hightower/Helu are running well and DeAngelo is a ball hawk. Take the Skins.



NFL Week 2: My Picks

Saints (-7) over Bears

Lions (-9) over Chiefs

Jaguars (+9.5) over Jets

Raiders (+3.5) over Bills

Cardinals (+4.5) over Redskins

Ravens (-6.5) over Titans

Steelers (-15) over Seahawks

Packers (-10.5) over Panthers

Buccaneers (+3) over Vikings

Browns (-3) over Colts

Cowboys (-3) over 49ers

Texans (-3) over Dolphins

Patriots (-7) over Chargers

Bengals (+4) over Broncos

Eagles (-3) over Falcons

Giants (-6) over Rams

8-8 for the season.


Mayweather vs. Ortiz: The Recap

“Protect yourself at all times.”

Those words are heard right before most professional boxing matches around the world. Tonight, we found out why.

In the most promoted fight in boxing history, Floyd Mayweather Jr. knocked out Victor Ortiz by a 4th round one-two that will surely have people talking for weeks on end.

Coming off a long layoff (16 months), Mayweather looked as sharp as ever as he hit Ortiz with precise right hands and guarded himself with his usual stellar defense. It wasn’t pretty. It wasn’t flashy. But it sure is efficient.

The fight began how most Mayweather fights begin: a short feeling out period then gradual increase in punch output. While Ortiz wasn’t looking as hapless or lost as De La Hoya, Hatton, Marquez or Mosley did; he sure wasn’t looking like someone who was about to take down the now 42-0 Mayweather.

Mayweather was landing his right hand with ease for the first few rounds. With that shoulder roll defense Ortiz wasn’t landing much and Mayweather looked on his way towards another Mayweather-esque victory. Then the 4th round came.

If Ortiz was showing any signs of giving Mayweather a test it was in the 4th round. Ortiz landed some shots which were quickly followed by headshakes by Floyd, a sign that they actually landed. Ortiz managed to get Mayweather on the ropes and hit him with even more shots. Floyd, ducking and weaving, blocked a lot of those shots but was still feeling the pressure from Ortiz. Ortiz then proceeded to launch himself towards Mayweather in an attempt to seriously hurt/cut Floyd by way of a head butt.


The one moment in the fight where Ortiz managed to put some pressure on Floyd he stupidly lifts himself off the ground head first and clearly head butts him, cutting Mayweather’s lip in the process. At worst he was down one round to Floyd on the cards, so why the need to land a cheap shot? If he truly believed he could win the fight he wouldn’t have attempted that head butt, simple as that. He sensed the fight was going Floyd’s way and proceeded to attempt a cheap shot. It couldn’t be any clearer. At least try and make it look accidental. Joe Cortez noticed it and quickly docked one point off the cards.

What happens next?

Cortez quickly breaks up the scuffle against the ropes and docks a point from Ortiz. Ortiz immediately walks toward Mayweather to apologize, hugs him, and then kisses him on the cheek. Now, if you told me an athlete was going to apologize to his opponent during a game with a kiss, boxing would probably be the last sport I would guess. But yes, Ortiz did in fact kiss Mayweather immediately following his failed head butt attempt.

Cortez then calls them back in. Time is called in and Ortiz attempts another “Let’s hug it out bitch” moment. Mayweather obliges, touching gloves but not hugging. After time is called in and they both touch gloves, Ortiz still has his hands down. Mayweather, seeing an opportunity where his opponent has his hands down, clocks Ortiz with a left hook and right hand.  Ortiz was out and the fight was over.

Mayweather did nothing illegal, nothing dirty.

If anyone was at fault, it was Ortiz and Joe Cortez.

Nothing would have happened without the attempted head butt by Ortiz. To attempt a head butt, in such a clear fashion nonetheless, was atrocious. Not to mention the fact that it was during his only good flurry up to that point in the fight. If it was the 11th round when down by five rounds on the cards, OK, I get it. But to lift yourself off the ground, making it look so intentional, in a fight where you weren’t mathematically out of it by any means was such an idiotic move.

The attempted apologies were also awful. Hey Victor, YOU’RE IN A BOXING MATCH, the purpose in the sport being to beat up and knock out your opponent. Stop trying to hug and apologize to your opponent. I’m not saying you can’t touch gloves, but don’t do it multiple times after you already did it. After Cortez breaks up the initial head butt, touch gloves, get called in then get back to fighting. Instead, Cortez broke up the initial head butt, Ortiz touches gloves, kisses Mayweather, gets called in, attempts a hug, touches gloves, leaves his hands down, then gets hit. It was Ortiz’s fault from the beginning.

Some blame also goes towards Joe Cortez. Not with the deduction of the point but with the handling of getting the time back in. After time is called back in, Cortez looks at the timekeeper and asks him if the clock had started. Cortez should have checked with the timekeeper before calling time back in. Instead, while Mayweather begins his onslaught on Ortiz, Cortez isn’t even looking and looks like a fool in the process. He handled this like the first bout on a weak undercard, not the main event on a major PPV event. Cortez handled the fight very poorly, with the time clock issue being the biggest fault.

The media will spin this as Mayweather hitting a defenseless opponent. Real boxing fans know that Mayweather wasn’t at fault and did nothing wrong. Time was officially called in, they then touch gloves and his opponent still has his hands low. What was Mayweather supposed to do? Ask for permission to hit his opponent? Time is called in and his opponent touched gloves…seems like enough confirmation to me.

It was Ortiz’s fault in the first place after attempting the head butt. No head butt, no point deduction, no time clock mishap, no hands low, no knock out. Period.

One point that can’t be overlooked: Danny Garcia. Ortiz’s trainer was consistent in his disapproval of Mayweather’s elbows and dirty play. It began during 24/7 and continued pre-fight when Cortez was in both fighters locker rooms. Garcia went out of his way to make Cortez know that Mayweather likes to flare out his elbow. We didn’t hear it In between rounds but I think Garcia told his fighter to throw the head butt. Ortiz had no history of being a dirty fighter or throwing cheap shots until tonight. I think Garcia told Ortiz to attempt the head butt at some point during the fight. Now, obviously, Garcia didn’t want his fighter lunging so obviously towards his opponent but the intent was definitely there. Floyd wasn’t the dirty fighter tonight, Ortiz was.

Mayweather won’t get much credit for this victory. He proved once again that he is the most skilled fighter in the sport. This wasn’t Mayweather’s best or most complete win, but it was still a win. Now comes the big question: will the mega-fight happen? Will the fight we all want to see finally be agreed to? Let’s hope it does. The world is waiting. Ortiz was just another notch on Mayweather’s still unbeaten record. Will it stay unbeaten is another question. Time will only tell.


NFL Week 1: My Picks


Can I get an AMEN!!!?????

Football is BACK!!!!!!!!!

HELL YEAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

**tries to calm down in order to write a somewhat respectable post**

Throughout the NFL season I will give out my weekly picks against the spread. I started really paying attention to lines about two seasons ago when my dad needed help on some pool’s. Well, I’m in three of my own this year, one of them with a triple digit investment, so it’s safe to say I’m a dedicated gambler because of it. Throw in three fantasy teams and my new DirecTV subscription with Sunday Ticket and you have an addicted NFL junkie here.

All lines are taken from Thursday morning’s USA Today lines.

Week 1:

Home teams in bold. 

Packers (-4.5) over Saints

Packers are home, fired up, 1239871284 guys returning from injury last year, a young fierce defense and the best QB in the league. Although I like the Saints this year the Lambeau atmosphere will prove too much for the Dome-friendly team.

Steelers (+2) over Ravens 

Roethlisburger owns the Ravens. He currently has a seven game win streak against the Joe Flacco-led birds. The Ravens are home but the Steelers are poised for big things this year. A healthy Big Ben, Mike Wallace, Troy, Harrison trump an aging Ravens defense and apprehensive Flacco.

Lions (+1) over Buccaneers 

I’m kinda sorta buying the Lions this year. Let’s put it this way: I like them more than the Buccaneers who just completed their “Hey we snuck up on the league this year!” campaign. Stafford is actually healthy this week, Megatron is the 3rd best WR in the league, Nkdamdiadasidasdjakdhanank Suh is already one of the best defensive players in the league and Jim Schwartz is quietly evolving into a very good NFL coach.

Falcons (-3) over Bears 

I hate Jay Cutler. I hated him when he was on the Broncos, I hated his Victor Ortiz “I don’t deserve to get beat up like this” mentality in the playoffs last season and I hate the way he looks. Do you want that guy as your franchise QB? Honestly…probably but that’s only because of the current QB situations the Bay Area has now. Oh…this game? The Falcons are Super Bowl contenders, the Bears are barely hoping to be a .500 team this year. The Falcons are the more complete team, have an improved defense and the Offensive Rookie of the Year Julio Jones. Over/under 2.5 picks for Cutler? I like the Over.

Chiefs (-5.5) over Bills

Arrowhead is a tough place to win, **cough** even though the Raiders beat the Chiefs there last season **cough**. The Bills have some nice pieces in San Francisco’s own Stevie Johnson and Defensive Rookie of the Year Marcell Dareus, but the Chiefs love the spotlight at home (they beat SD last season on opening day) and win this game by a touchdown.

Texans (-9) over Colts

No Peyton? Texans at home? Even with no Arian Foster I like Schaub to have a HUGE game and beat the Kerry Collins Cryptkeeper-led Colts. I just hope at least two his touchdowns go to Andre Johnson…

Eagles (-5.5) over Rams 

Mike Vick on turf? One of the most explosive offenses in the league with a mediocre defense on the other side? I like the Eagles. BIG.

Browns (-7) over Bengals

My survivor pick this week. Colt McCoy looked good…wait for it…this PRE-SEASON. Still, the Bengals are starting a rookie Ginger at QB and have signed all of the 49ers scraps on defense. Odds are if you’re cut from the 49ers you’re not very good. Browns by 13 points.

Jaguars (+1) over Titans

A battle of elite RB’s here. Luke McCown doesn’t excite me, but neither does Matt Samuel L. Jackson’s Character from Unbreakable Hasselback. I like the Jags at home by single digits. Hey McCown, hand it off to MJD will ya?

Giants (-3) over Redskins 

I don’t like the Giants. Maybe because of my “If your QB always looks mopey odds are he isn’t an elite QB” theory. He did win a SB though, I give him dap for that. Rex Grossman? Oh…he played in a SB too? Sweet Lord what the hell is the NFL coming to? Oh well. Giants over the Rexskins.

Panthers (+7) over Cardinals 

I’m a Cam believer. You heard it first in my last post. I don’t know why I like him so much. Is it the chipmunk ears? The soft chocolaty skin tone? Pause. Anyway, I think everyone is overrating Kolb too. What exactly has he done? I think the Cards pull it out by a field goal.

Seahawks (+6) over 49ers

Both teams are blow average, to say it nicely. For fantasy purposes I hope Gore goes off (like he usually does against Seattle). Tavaris Jackson? Bleh. Alex Smith? BLEH. I see this being a close game throughout with the Niners pulling it out. This one is going to have some funky safety or missed PAT. It has that kind of feel to it.

Vikings (+9) over Chargers 

I went back and forth on this one. I am automatically biased against the Chargers. Phillip Rivers is the Andy Roddick of the NFL; the bitchy attitude without winning anything at all. I like AP to go off in this game and McNabb to show flashes of his younger self. Gates has another TD (or two) and Rivers has another 350 yard day. This game is a shootout waiting to happen.

Jets (-4) over Cowboys

America’s Team with another prime time game, this time against the New York Jets. The Jets defense is stout and the Cowboys offense looks great on paper. Something’s gotta give. Romo is healthy, Dez is finished stealing jewelry from malls and Jason Garrett now has some experience being a head coach. Still, the Jets have the D. PAUSE.

Patriots (-7) over Dolphins

Patriots against the Dolphins. Not much more I need to say is there?

Raiders (+3) over Broncos 

The Raiders DRUMMED the Broncos twice last year. The three points here is basically a toss up. Von Miller is supposed to be a man possessed, but he’s still a rookie starting in his first game. Kyle Orton is better than Tim Tebow, but that’s not saying a whole lot. The Raiders D-Line is actually very good, it’s the Nnamdi-less secondary I’m worried about. Can Run DMC actually run like he can? If so the Raiders take it.


My Picks: 2011-2012 NFL Season

My expert predictions for the upcoming NFL season. Go ahead and put your life savings on these picks. You can trust me.



Philadelphia Eagles – 11-5

Dallas Cowboys – 9-7

New York Giants – 8-8

Washington Redskins – 4-12

I really like the Eagles this season…but I don’t love them. The Cowboys will be better. With Tony Romo back and the emergence of Dez Bryant they’ll be explosive, too bad their defense won’t be. The Giants are…well…bleh. They don’t excite me at all. They’re not bad but they’re not good. They’re just there. As for the Redskins…Rex Grossman or John Beck? How about slitting your wrists or hanging yourself?


Green Bay Packers – 13-3

Chicago Bears – 9-7

Detroit Lions – 8-8

Minnesota Vikings – 6-10

The Packers are still the cream of the NFL crop. An explosive offense and tenacious defense is usually a formula for success. This year will be no different. The Bears can’t be great with Jay Cutler as QB. You throw any elite QB on the Bears and their Super Bowl contenders, but with the mopey looking Cutler they’re only slightly above average. Everyone is jumping on the Lions bandwagon but I don’t see them making the jump this season. If Stafford stays healthy I could easily see them making the playoffs and causing teams trouble. But when do “Stafford” and “healthy” ever coincide? The Vikings are Adrian Peterson’s team but the McNabb trade will pay dividends…and by “paying dividends” I mean not being Tavaris Jackson.


Atlanta Falcons – 11-5

New Orleans Saints – 10-6

Tampa Bay Buccanears – 8-8

Carolina Panthers – 4-12

A tough division to pick. I can see either the Falcons or the Saints taking the South. I like the Falcons simply because of Julio Jones. That guy looks like a man possessed out there. Expect big things from Julio this season. The Saints are the Saints: great offense, better than average defense. The Bucs are interesting. They snuck up on the NFL last year but have looked awful this pre-season. Yes it’s preseason but the NFL now knows who Josh Freeman and Mike Williams are. I really like Cam Newton as an NFL prospect. If he had decent options around him they would be a six or seven win team. Too  bad he doesn’t.


St. Louis Rams – 9-7

Arizona Cardinals – 7-9

San Francisco 49ers – 5-11

Seattle Seahawks – 4-12

Ugh. Do I really need to pick this division? I guess I pick the Rams but honestly any team could win this division. It’s awfully wide open. The reason I have the Rams on top: they have the best QB in the division. This division is like picking the best looking chick in a molecular engineering class.



New York Jets – 11-5

New England Patriots – 11-5

Miami Dolphins – 5-11

Buffalo Bills – 4-12

The Jets have the swagger don’t they? I think the Plaxico Burress signing will pay more dividends than people think. He’ll take some pressure off Santonio Holmes (which would help my fantasy team) and gives Sanchez another huge target. They’re defense is one of the best in the league too if you haven’t noticed. If Sanchez plays decent they can go along way. The Patriots will be good as they usually are. The Dolphins will be they’re slightly below average, boring selves. I guess I have to mention the Buffalo Bills…so there it was.


Pittsburgh Steelers – 12-4

Baltimore Ravens – 10-6

Cleveland Browns – 6-10

Cincinnati Bengals – 3-13

I love Pittsburgh. The uniforms, the stadium, their defense, Mike Wallace, Mike Tomlin and the Harrah’s in Tahoe. The prototypical sports franchise will once again take the AFC North. The Ravens have everything they need for a Super Bowl run but an elite QB. I don’t trust Flacco when it counts. People are getting a tingle from Colt McCoy this pre-season. Too bad he plays for the Browns. Peyton Hillis will be a bust this year, hence why I didn’t choose him for any of my fantasy teams. The Ginger will lead the Bengals to victory…three times. Honestly though: how does Marvin Lewis still have a job?


Indiannapolis Colts – 10-6

Houston Texans – 8-8

Jacksonville Jaguars – 7-9

Tennessee Titans – 6-10

Peyton Manning looks like he’ll miss Week 1. Even if he comes back Week 2 it’ll take some time for him to get back to his normal self. I still like the Colts. Houston is once again a sleeper this season, and I’m not falling into the “It’s their year!” talk. They have an extremely talented offense but their defense is still horrid. Add Wade Phillips and the fact they can’t close out games and you get 8-8. The Jags seem to always just be average. Garrard at times looks like he could be someone…then quickly looks like no one. The Titans are platooning Matt Hasselback and Jake Locker? No thanks.


Oakland Raiders – 10-6

San Diego Chargers – 9-7

Kansas City Chiefs – 6-10

Denver Broncos – 5-11

BOOM! My homer pick? Yes. Possible? Absolutely. Probable? Maybe. Would I put money on it? No. The Raiders swept the division last year, something EXTREMELY hard to do. I see a little Rex Ryan in Hue Jackson. Just a little. The Raiders hopes lie in Jason Campbell and that secondary. The Chargers might be the most talented team in the NFL. They also have the mentally anemic coach in the NFL. You think if Bill Bellichick coached the Chargers they wouldn’t have won at least two Super Bowls by now? The Chiefs had their “Wow where’d that come from!” season last year. I don’t like them this year at all. John Fox was an interesting choice for the Broncos. Tebow WILL be traded. Brandon Lloyd will NOT be as good as last year. Kyle Orton IS under-appreciated as an NFL QB. That DOESN’T mean they’ll be good.


NFC Wild Card

Saints over Rams

Let’s be real here…

Falcons over Cowboys

Actually think this is closer than people think. Both QB’s are unproven in the playoffs. Falcons are the more complete team, they pull it out.

AFC Wild Card

Patriots over Chargers

Great game. Pats take it in a shootout.

Ravens over Raiders

The Raiders fought to make the playoffs, and unfortunately are shown the door early. The better team wins.

NFC Divisional Round

Eagles over Saints

Love this matchup. Eagles take it at home.

Packers over Falcons

Rematch of last year’s playoff matchup. The Falcons won’t get blown out like they did last year but Packers still win.

AFC Divisional Round

Steelers over Ravens

The best rivalry in the NFL. Steelers have had the Ravens number and it doesn’t change here.

Jets over Pats

Another juicy one. Jets take it with a late FG.

NFC Conference Finals

Packers over Eagles

The Packers defense is too much for Vick to handle. Rodgers spreads it around and beats The Dream Team.

AFC Conference Finals

Jets over Steelers

Just a grinder game here. Very little offense. Rex finds a game plan that works in an epic battle.


Packers 31 — Jets 24

A repeat? Yes. The Packers are returning 11 starters. 11! Rodgers will once again prove why he’s the best QB in the league. Tons of options, a great defense and the best QB in the league prove too much for Sanchez and the Jets. Maybe next time Rex. Time for a foot rub.

MVP/Offensive Player of the Year: Aaron Rodgers

Defensive Player of the Year: Ndamukong Suh

Offensive Rookie of the Year: Julio Jones

Defensive Rookie of the Year: Marcell Dereus

Coach of the Year: Hue Jackson