My Picks: 2011-2012 NFL Season

My expert predictions for the upcoming NFL season. Go ahead and put your life savings on these picks. You can trust me.



Philadelphia Eagles – 11-5

Dallas Cowboys – 9-7

New York Giants – 8-8

Washington Redskins – 4-12

I really like the Eagles this season…but I don’t love them. The Cowboys will be better. With Tony Romo back and the emergence of Dez Bryant they’ll be explosive, too bad their defense won’t be. The Giants are…well…bleh. They don’t excite me at all. They’re not bad but they’re not good. They’re just there. As for the Redskins…Rex Grossman or John Beck? How about slitting your wrists or hanging yourself?


Green Bay Packers – 13-3

Chicago Bears – 9-7

Detroit Lions – 8-8

Minnesota Vikings – 6-10

The Packers are still the cream of the NFL crop. An explosive offense and tenacious defense is usually a formula for success. This year will be no different. The Bears can’t be great with Jay Cutler as QB. You throw any elite QB on the Bears and their Super Bowl contenders, but with the mopey looking Cutler they’re only slightly above average. Everyone is jumping on the Lions bandwagon but I don’t see them making the jump this season. If Stafford stays healthy I could easily see them making the playoffs and causing teams trouble. But when do “Stafford” and “healthy” ever coincide? The Vikings are Adrian Peterson’s team but the McNabb trade will pay dividends…and by “paying dividends” I mean not being Tavaris Jackson.


Atlanta Falcons – 11-5

New Orleans Saints – 10-6

Tampa Bay Buccanears – 8-8

Carolina Panthers – 4-12

A tough division to pick. I can see either the Falcons or the Saints taking the South. I like the Falcons simply because of Julio Jones. That guy looks like a man possessed out there. Expect big things from Julio this season. The Saints are the Saints: great offense, better than average defense. The Bucs are interesting. They snuck up on the NFL last year but have looked awful this pre-season. Yes it’s preseason but the NFL now knows who Josh Freeman and Mike Williams are. I really like Cam Newton as an NFL prospect. If he had decent options around him they would be a six or seven win team. Too  bad he doesn’t.


St. Louis Rams – 9-7

Arizona Cardinals – 7-9

San Francisco 49ers – 5-11

Seattle Seahawks – 4-12

Ugh. Do I really need to pick this division? I guess I pick the Rams but honestly any team could win this division. It’s awfully wide open. The reason I have the Rams on top: they have the best QB in the division. This division is like picking the best looking chick in a molecular engineering class.



New York Jets – 11-5

New England Patriots – 11-5

Miami Dolphins – 5-11

Buffalo Bills – 4-12

The Jets have the swagger don’t they? I think the Plaxico Burress signing will pay more dividends than people think. He’ll take some pressure off Santonio Holmes (which would help my fantasy team) and gives Sanchez another huge target. They’re defense is one of the best in the league too if you haven’t noticed. If Sanchez plays decent they can go along way. The Patriots will be good as they usually are. The Dolphins will be they’re slightly below average, boring selves. I guess I have to mention the Buffalo Bills…so there it was.


Pittsburgh Steelers – 12-4

Baltimore Ravens – 10-6

Cleveland Browns – 6-10

Cincinnati Bengals – 3-13

I love Pittsburgh. The uniforms, the stadium, their defense, Mike Wallace, Mike Tomlin and the Harrah’s in Tahoe. The prototypical sports franchise will once again take the AFC North. The Ravens have everything they need for a Super Bowl run but an elite QB. I don’t trust Flacco when it counts. People are getting a tingle from Colt McCoy this pre-season. Too bad he plays for the Browns. Peyton Hillis will be a bust this year, hence why I didn’t choose him for any of my fantasy teams. The Ginger will lead the Bengals to victory…three times. Honestly though: how does Marvin Lewis still have a job?


Indiannapolis Colts – 10-6

Houston Texans – 8-8

Jacksonville Jaguars – 7-9

Tennessee Titans – 6-10

Peyton Manning looks like he’ll miss Week 1. Even if he comes back Week 2 it’ll take some time for him to get back to his normal self. I still like the Colts. Houston is once again a sleeper this season, and I’m not falling into the “It’s their year!” talk. They have an extremely talented offense but their defense is still horrid. Add Wade Phillips and the fact they can’t close out games and you get 8-8. The Jags seem to always just be average. Garrard at times looks like he could be someone…then quickly looks like no one. The Titans are platooning Matt Hasselback and Jake Locker? No thanks.


Oakland Raiders – 10-6

San Diego Chargers – 9-7

Kansas City Chiefs – 6-10

Denver Broncos – 5-11

BOOM! My homer pick? Yes. Possible? Absolutely. Probable? Maybe. Would I put money on it? No. The Raiders swept the division last year, something EXTREMELY hard to do. I see a little Rex Ryan in Hue Jackson. Just a little. The Raiders hopes lie in Jason Campbell and that secondary. The Chargers might be the most talented team in the NFL. They also have the mentally anemic coach in the NFL. You think if Bill Bellichick coached the Chargers they wouldn’t have won at least two Super Bowls by now? The Chiefs had their “Wow where’d that come from!” season last year. I don’t like them this year at all. John Fox was an interesting choice for the Broncos. Tebow WILL be traded. Brandon Lloyd will NOT be as good as last year. Kyle Orton IS under-appreciated as an NFL QB. That DOESN’T mean they’ll be good.


NFC Wild Card

Saints over Rams

Let’s be real here…

Falcons over Cowboys

Actually think this is closer than people think. Both QB’s are unproven in the playoffs. Falcons are the more complete team, they pull it out.

AFC Wild Card

Patriots over Chargers

Great game. Pats take it in a shootout.

Ravens over Raiders

The Raiders fought to make the playoffs, and unfortunately are shown the door early. The better team wins.

NFC Divisional Round

Eagles over Saints

Love this matchup. Eagles take it at home.

Packers over Falcons

Rematch of last year’s playoff matchup. The Falcons won’t get blown out like they did last year but Packers still win.

AFC Divisional Round

Steelers over Ravens

The best rivalry in the NFL. Steelers have had the Ravens number and it doesn’t change here.

Jets over Pats

Another juicy one. Jets take it with a late FG.

NFC Conference Finals

Packers over Eagles

The Packers defense is too much for Vick to handle. Rodgers spreads it around and beats The Dream Team.

AFC Conference Finals

Jets over Steelers

Just a grinder game here. Very little offense. Rex finds a game plan that works in an epic battle.


Packers 31 — Jets 24

A repeat? Yes. The Packers are returning 11 starters. 11! Rodgers will once again prove why he’s the best QB in the league. Tons of options, a great defense and the best QB in the league prove too much for Sanchez and the Jets. Maybe next time Rex. Time for a foot rub.

MVP/Offensive Player of the Year: Aaron Rodgers

Defensive Player of the Year: Ndamukong Suh

Offensive Rookie of the Year: Julio Jones

Defensive Rookie of the Year: Marcell Dereus

Coach of the Year: Hue Jackson



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