NFL Week 5: My Picks

Here’s to a legend.

Say what you want about his recent shortcomings, but there’s no denying that Al Davis was instrumental in forming what the NFL is today. Unfortunately I’m not old enough to remember what he used to be; I’ve only been accustomed to numerous Al Davis jokes and many “The Raiders won’t be good until Al Davis dies” comments.

Whether you believe in that or not, don’t overlook what the man has done for the sport we all love today.

RIP Al Davis.

Just Win Baby.

Now onto the picks.

Last week: 9-7

35-28-1 overall.

Home teams in BOLD and CAPS.

COLTS (-3) over CHIEFS

See what I mean with Curtis Painter? I know they didn’t win (they did cover) but the Colts actually showed some signs of life on the road against the Bucs last week. The Chiefs are atrocious and the Colts are back at home. Expect Pierre Garcon to continue his resurgence as a viable #2 WR. Not that you cared about that anyway. Take the Colts.


People are sleeping on Adrian Peterson this year. Maybe it’s the fact his team has blown three straight fourth quarter leads. Maybe it’s the fact that Run RMC in Oakland has taken his thunder. Either way I like All Day to go off against a weak Cardinals D. McNabb won’t have to pass. The Vikings get their first win and take one step closer to not getting Andrew Luck.

EAGLES (-3) over BILLS

The Eagles will win this game. Book it. The Bills have been a nice story and certainly are a lot better than they’ve been in recent years, but the Eagles WILL win this game. For all the success the Bills have had on offense their defense is still below average. Expect a lot of points, but the Eagles take it by 10 points.


I’ll be honest, I liked the Texans to cover before I heard the news about Al Davis. Houston is without Andre Johnson and the Raiders will be playing with heavy hearts.


Jimmy Graham is quickly turning into Antonio Gates. Both former basketball players turned TE’s with freakish athleticism. Oh yeah, did I mention I liked Cam Newton before the year? Haters were hating, now look at him. A defensive battle this won’t be, but expect the Saints to cover here. Keep in mind for the future: the Panthers are a lot better than their record indicates.


I went back and forth on this one but decided to give it to the home team. The Bengals are actually boasting a 2-2 record with the 6th best rush defense in the league. That doesn’t bode well for MJD who is the life and death of this Jaguars team. I have a good feeling this week about him though. After MJD’s cameo on “The League” this week I can’t go against my boy. Take the Jags.


The Steelers aren’t very good. Their defense has aged overnight and Big Ben doesn’t look like an elite QB at the moment and Rashard Mendenhall is banged up. Meanwhile the Titans are actually good despite the fact their best player hasn’t shown up. Dare I say the Titans are actually a good team? I like that .5 point. Take the Titans.


Seahawks on the road. Enough said.

BUCCANEERS (+2.5) over 49ERS

Can you say letdown game? The 49ers off their best win in years are actually 3-1 and leading the horrid NFC West. Props to them. Much deserved. The Bucs did beatdown the 49ers last year 21-0 in San Francisco. Two very similar teams. Young. Driven. Up and coming. With that said the dreaded letdown game is tough to overlook.


OK my Raiders didn’t fair so well last week against these Patriots, but the Jets are divisional rivals, know the Pats, have the best cover corner in the league and are playing one of the worst defenses in the league. I like the Jets to cover, maybe not win, but the Patriots can’t stop anyone and it’s hard to imagine the Jets losing three straight weeks.


Although I hate the Chargers and their September/October screw-ups I still like them over the Broncos. The Broncos are a complete mess. Expect Brady Quinn to replace Kyle Orton at some point in this game. The Chargers simply have more talent than the Broncos. It pains me to say it, the Chargers are a lock.


Sweet Jesus…Aaron Rodgers is here isn’t he? Forget the cheater Tom Brady, forget Peyton Manning, forget oft-injured Michael Vick…Aaron Rodgers is the best QB in the league. The Packers are actually better than they were last year. They beat the Falcons in a laugher in the playoffs last year too. I love the prospect of Julio Jones but the Packers are a much better team. Expect a shootout but rhe Packers take it.

**Side note: Sunday Night Football has had some VERY good games this year. Minus the Colts vs. Steelers these Sunday night games have been great. NBC paying some big bucks for the big teams.

LIONS (-6) over BEARS

On the contrary Monday Night Football has been horrible the past few weeks. Terrible matchups. Just boring games. Boring teams. NOW we have a real matchup. Can the Lions play in primetime? Calvin Johnson….PUSHA T “EEEHHHHHKKKKKKGGGGGGG!!!”. I love this Lions team. I hear whispers that Nick Fairley will be making his debut as well. Sorry Jay.



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