NFL Week 10: My Picks


It will never be “the best trade in the history of football” as Hue Jackson stated, but on Thursday night Carson Palmer looked like the QB the Raiders envisioned when they traded a 1st and 2nd rounder for him just weeks ago.

Palmer showed the ability to throw the long ball (with some help from Denarious Moore), showed he could lead a receiver with a nice touch pass and showed that he could go through a game with less than three interceptions. Progress is progress!

Many, including myself, chose the Chargers to win on Thursday (I did take the Raiders and the points though). With both sides of the ball in flux since the Palmer trade, I thought the Chargers would win in a close game. I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome, especially with Palmer.

Just three weeks since the trade Palmer looked like he had been with the team for mini camps, training camp and the entire duration of the season. Calling audibles, leading receivers perfectly and even moving around in the pocket were all great signs for the Raiders as they make their playoff push in the AFC West.

With help from Michael Bush, Denarious Moore and the sinking ship that is the Chargers, the Raiders were able to pull off their most impressive victory of the season. With tough games coming up against the Vikings, Packers, Bears and Lions, the Raiders will surely be tested as to their validity as a true playoff contender. For now, they sit on top of their division with their best offensive weapon hoping to come off the sidelines next week. Optimism is now high in the Nation, for how long will be the question.

9-5 last week

66-47-4 for the season

Home team in BOLD and CAPS

Steelers (-3) over BENGALS

I’m not convinced by the Bengals. They’ve beaten the Browns, Bills, Jaguars, Colts, Seahawks and Titans while losing to the Broncos and 49ers. Dalton has played well but I attribute some of his success to the weak schedule. The Steelers are coming off a crushing loss at home to the Ravens. Big Ben has been playing really well and throwing it 40+ times a game. I see a Steelers blowout here and a reality check for the young Bengals.

Broncos (+3½) over CHIEFS

It’s not that I hate Tim Tebow but I just can’t stand ESPN’s constant’s coverage and love for the guy. ESPN is single handily making me despise his name just because of over exposure. With that said until someone (not named Detroit) stops Tebow’s option plays I’m rolling with him. Especially against the VERY weak Chiefs. I love that half point too. Take the Broncos, just watch out for the week long Tebow-lovefest if he beats the Chiefs.


Until the Colts prove that they’re worthy of taking an NFL field I’m going with the opposition. Bottom line. Can you really blame me?

Bills (+5½) over COWBOYS 

I went back and forth on this one. While I don’t think the Bills are for real I also don’t think the Cowboys are any good. The Cowboys just lost Miles Austin to another injury, their defense isn’t anything special and Romo will always be Romo. The Bills are coming off a tough loss to New York but that’s the best defense they’ve played all year. I like the Bills to AT LEAST cover the points and wouldn’t be surprised at all if they won outright.


The Texans are quietly rolling to a three game win streak and putting up tons of points. Meanwhile the Bucs are sporting a two game losing streak and struggling to put up points. What gives? Even though the Texans are on the road, always a tough task in the NFL, I don’t see the Bucs putting up enough points to keep up with them. Take the rising Texans.


Another Panthers game, another chance to gloat at my Cam Newton fascination before the season started. The Newton-Smith connection has been one of the best in the league this year and the Titans defense is always susceptible to the big play. P.S., this isn’t the week that Chris Johnson is going to “break out”. That day is not coming this year…maybe not ever.


My belief that the Chiefs were still a very weak team were proven last week with the Dolphins beating them down to a pulp. The Redskins? Ugh. I thought Rex Grossman was given an unfair shake earlier in the year when he was benched after one bad game. The Redskins were at least respectable (and some predicted a division victory) and they at least put up some points. It tells you something when a 1-7 team is favored by four over a team: they must be pretty bad.

FALCONS (-1) over Saints

The Saints are the better team. The Saints have the better defense. The Saints have the better offense. On the road? They’re a completely different team. We all remember the horrific loss to the Rams in St. Louis that ruined thousands of suicide pools in the process. The Falcons are playing better (winners of three straight) and Julio Jones adds the deep thread dimension they were missing in his absence. With their run-first, pass-later mentality and I like the Falcons by a TD.

Lions (+3) over BEARS

OK, the Bears looked good on the road against the Eagles on MNF, I’ll give them that. The three point favorite is the typical Vegas line if both teams are fairly even. Basically the three points are simply for the home field. The Lions have not lost a road game this year. Yes, believe it. They already beat the Bears earlier this year in Detroit too. I see no reason why they shouldn’t win again.

Rams (+3) over BROWNS

What a way to lose last week for the Rams. Damn. I had them +3½ too.  A close game throughout the Rams just had to make a FG at the end of regulation…no good. All they had to do was give up a FG in OT and they still cover…no good. Instead the improbable happens: a 99 yard interception return to kill my bet and make history at the same time. Just brutal. For this game? Take the reeling Rams because the Browns have the ugliest uniform/logo/city combination in all of sports.

B.T.W. is there any other team in the major sports that needs a new logo/uniform than the Cleveland Browns? Just awful looking.


My Eagles disappointed me last week! A tough game against the Bears definitely, but the offense looked out of sync and the defense looked like one of the worst in the league. Ugh. The best cure for a bad loss? A game against the Cardinals. Expect big days from the offense AND defense, I expect both sides of the ball to score. Take the Eagles in a blowout, comeback victory.


The Ravens always seem to come up short with the spreads. Most of the time because they can’t cover a larger spread against a weaker team. This game fits the bill. So why am I taking the Ravens? They’re confidence is back. When Flacco’s confidence is high the team just looks a lot better. I believe he has turned the corner from bad-Flacco to good-Flacco. Expect a big day from the defense and a lot of Ray Rice. Ravens in an easy one.

49ers (-3½) over GIANTS

GAME OF THE WEEK!!! Who would have thought the 49ers would be in this position? Nobody. Not even the die-hard 49ers fans thought this was possible. The Giants present a unique problem for the 49ers: a dynamic passing attack (with Nicks back) AND a pounding rushing game. The Lions had neither. The Eagles run side to side and not up and down the field. Regardless, the 49ers sport the best run defense in the league, not allowing a rushing TD all year (wow). Until the 49ers fail to cover the spread (6-0-1 ATS) than I’m taking them.

Patriots (+1) over JETS

The last time the Patriots lost three games in a row was the 2002 season after their Super Bowl season. I can’t see them losing three in a row. The Patriots have the worst pass defense in the league but the Jets don’t have a good enough offense to exploit those deficiencies. I expect a high scoring game even if they know each other really well. I like the Pats to bounce back against Sanchez and the Jets.

Vikings (+14) over PACKERS 

I’m usually a big proponent of taking the Packers and the points. In my weekly pool you’ll find me more often than not picking the Packers to cover whoever they’re playing. It seems like they’re NOT covering those big spreads more than they ARE covering them. Few weeks ago the Packers plays the Vikings in Minnesota and won a tight one. 14 points is a lot for a team playing pretty well with their new QB and the best RB in football. The Packers defense isn’t that great either. I like the Vikes and the points.



NFL Week 9: My Picks

This never gets old.

7-6 last week

57-42-4 for the season

Falcons (-7) over COLTS

The Falcons are on a two game win streak, mostly because they’ve reverted back to their “pound the rock” mentality. With Julio Jones back and the horrendous Colts defense on the other side the Falcons should have no trouble passing the ball (See: Saints). Expect big games from every weapon they got. Falcons win this easily.

SAINTS (-8½) over Buccaneers

Why does it seem these two play each other every other week? Regardless, these games are always close. The last time the Saints played in NO? Well, the 62-7 massacre of the Colts. Even though the Saints have superior talent the Bucs always manage to make these games close. Hey, they beat the Saints in Tampa a few weeks back. The Saints get them back in another close one.

TEXANS (-11) over Browns

The Peyton Hillis saga continues. He has strep throat, he’s hurt, he has his wedding mid-week, his agent tells him not to play, he’s healthy again…only to re-injure himself in practice on Friday. Wow. And to think I wanted my favorite player Michael Vick on the cover this year. Thank God for that. Oh, the game? The Texans win this by 20 and the Browns go back to sports anonymity.

Jets (+1½) over BILLS

I still don’t like the Bills. Maybe it’s the look of Fitzpatrick, maybe it’s my disdain for Fred Jackson, who burned me in my fantasy matchup a few weeks back. I see Jackson getting his usual 125+ and a score, but I have a hard time seeing the Bills scoring any other way. With the Bills weak defense opposing him, Mark Sanchez should have no trouble moving the ball. Well, except for the fact he’s Mark Sanchez and he usually does have trouble moving the ball. Take my pick for the AFC Super Bowl participant. Hint: it’s not the Bills.

Dolphins (+4) over CHIEFS

So everyone is jumping on the Chiefs bandwagon now huh? After barely beating the hapless Colts, a QB-less Raiders (ahem) and the inept Phillip Rivers, the Chiefs are suddenly relevant again? Sure their tied for the AFC West lead, sure Matt Cassel is playing better, sure Dwyane Bowe is still a beast, but I’m not buying it. Give me the fighting Dolphins.

49ers (-3½) over REDSKINS

**Stands up, applauds the 49ers for 30 seconds, sits back down**

The 49ers keep on rolling. Even though they barely covered last week the 49ers kept their magical season rolling. This line is shockingly low for a 6-1 team facing a terrible 3-4 Redskins team. I suppose Vegas thinks the 49ers going across the country is worth a couple points. Didn’t the 49ers beat the Bengals, Eagles and Lions on the road? OK, just checking.

COWBOYS (-12) over Seahawks

This one was tricky. Take the always disappointing Cowboys in a blowout or the atrocious Seahawks by eight on the road? The last time the Cowboys played at home they destroyed another atrocious NFC West team, the Rams, by a score of 34-7. Considering I have the Cowboys this week in my survivor pool I’ll take the points in hopes of a nice, easy week. **Plays Selfish by Slum Village in my iTunes**

Broncos (+9) over RAIDERS

Ahhhhhhhhhh to my Raiders. Never a dull moment as a Raiders fan. Run DMC not playing? We’re used to it. QB questions? We’re used to it. Coming off blowout losses? We’re used to it. This is a large spread for a team starting a rusty Carson Palmer and missing it’s best offensive weapon. I can’t see Carson Palmer having a good game here. Even though the Raiders are the more talented team the nine points is simply too much. Raiders by a field goal.

TITANS (-3) over Bengals

I’m writing this post as I have Clash of the Titans playing on my TV. A good movie if you don’t mind terrible writing and Sam Worthington screaming for an hour and a half. Gemma Aterton does look very nice though. For a game against two even teams my logic reverts to this. Genius I know. Take the Titans.

Rams (+3½) over CARDINALS

Kevin Kolb not playing might actually help the Cardinals. Kolb was a turnover machine and might be the worst trade in the NFL this year (The Palmer is leading the vote so far). Meanwhile Steven Jackson has arisen from sci-fi movie hell (terrible Predator reference) to suddenly become a decent player again. The Bradford-Lloyd-Jackson combo is actually very good and if the Rams can force a couple turnovers I like them to win the game.


Love this matchup. The Patriots can score like no other but can give up points just as quickly. Eli Manning called out Tom Brady earlier this year, a refreshing moment from a guy synonymous with the face of a guy who just dookied his pants. Eli is playing well and the Patriots pass D is the worst in the league. Even without Nicks and Bradshaw out I like the Giants to cover.

PACKERS (-6) over Chargers

My MVP and Super Bowl champion picks are looking very nice halfway through the season. Rodgers is playing like a man possessed and the Packers are a perfect 8-0. Traveling to the west coast should be no problem for the champs, especially against the disheartened Chargers. I like the Packers by a TD here.

STEELERS (-3½) over Ravens

You have to love these games. You have to. I love offense as much as the next guy but these defensive battles between the Ravens and Steelers are consistently the best games of the season. The Steelers are at home, are rolling and are facing an offense very much in flux. I don’t believe this will be a low scoring game like the ones we’ve seen in the past. Can the Ravens secondary stop Mike Wallace and Co.? I don’t think they can. Take the Steelers.

EAGLES (-8) over Bears

Have the Eagles found it? They’ve won two games in a row and last week looked like Super Bowl contenders beating down the Cowboys. At home again against the Bears will be a great gauge as to how close they are to NFL superiority. Every time Cutler plays on prime time it seems like he’s always throwing picks, fumbling and getting sacked. Heck that could classify as any Cutler game. Consider me an Eagles believer. Take the points.


NFL Week 8: My Picks

Guess who’s back…back…back again…gain…gain…Shady’s back….back…tell a friend….

While my return to the blogosphere may be far less interesting than Eminem’s comeback on The Eminem Show (one of my favorite albums of all time by the way), I’m glad to be back.

The busiest three weeks of my life have now concluded. From caddying at The Institute pro-am to caddying at CordeValle to working at the Open to midterms to anything else that may have distracted me (**ahem 2k12**), my comeback was long overdue.

I missed two weeks of picks during my absence, so let’s revisit what my picks would have been.

Home teams in BOLD and CAPS.

Week 6

PACKERS (-15) over RAMS — W                                                                                                   


EAGLES (-1½) over REDSKINS — W                                                                                          

LIONS (4½) over 49ERS — L

PANTHERS (+4) over FALCONS L                                                                                          


BILLS (+3) over GIANTS — Push                                                                                                  

RAVENS (-8) over TEXANS — W

RAIDERS (-7) over BROWNS — Push

COWBOYS (+7) over PATRIOTS W                                                                                        

SAINTS (-4½) over BUCCANEERS L                                                                                  

BEARS (-3) over VIKINGS — W

JETS (-7) over DOLPHINS — W

6-5-2 for the week   

Week 7

Bears (-1) over BUCCANEERS — W

PANTHERS (-3) over Redskins — W

JETS (+2) over Chargers — W

BROWNS (-3) over Seahawks — Push

Texans (+3) over TITANS — W

Broncos (+1 ½) over DOLPHINS — W

Falcons (+3½) over LIONS — W

RAIDERS (-4½) over Browns — L

Steelers (-3½) over CARDINALS — W

Cowboys (-13) over RAMS — W

Packers (-9) over VIKINGS — L

Saints (-14) over COLTS — W

Ravens (-8) over JAGUARS L

9-3-1 for the week

15-8-3 for Week’s 6 & 7

All hell has suddenly broken loose in Raider Nation. The 4-2 start suddenly seems like eons ago after Jason Campbell’s injury, Carson Palmer’s interceptions and a 28-0 loss to the not-as-bad-as-we-thought Chiefs. My take? Relax. Kyle Boller was never going to do well, has never been good and anyone who thought that Boller was going to not lose that game was mistaken. Then, Palmer comes in and is given the keys to the franchise after only 5 days behind the wheel. Anyone that thought that was going to end well was also mistaken.

What seems to be lost in all the QB hoopla is the fact that McFadden only played two snaps in that game. Take away your starting QB, replace him with a lifelong backup, then a previously retired Palmer AND take away your Pro Bowl RB and you have a recipe for disaster. Are the Browns good? No. You know what’s also not good? Six turnovers. I expect Palmer to be much better after the Bye (it’s almost impossible to be worse), McFadden to play and the defense to get behind their new leader. Lose to the Broncos after the Bye and we have problems. But for now…take it as a slight bump in the long highway that is an NFL season.

50-36-4 overall

TITANS (-9) over Colts

Holy shit. If the Colts aren’t tanking for Andrew Luck I don’t know what they’re doing. No NFL team can be that bad…can they? The Titans are nowhere near the Saints in offensive firepower, but that shouldn’t stop them from rolling over the inept, soulless Colts. Matt Hasselback is actually…dare I say it…good? Even with Chris Johnson suddenly losing his entire skillset in one off-season the Titans have looked like a good team at times this year. I like the Titans at home. By the way is it too early to give the 2011 Fantasy Football Bust Award to Chris Johnson?

TEXANS (-9½) over Jaguars

It sounds like Andre Johnson will be a game-time decision for this game. If he plays the Texans offense will be at full strength for the first time all season. While the Mario Williams injury will undoubtedly hurt the Texans in the long run (almost surely making them a first round knockout in the playoffs), the Texans offense is enough to put them past the bad teams in the regular season. I consider the Jaguars win over the Ravens on Monday night an anomaly. Expect MJD to get his but the Texans will win this one by two TD’s.

PANTHERS (-3½) over Vikings

If this game was in Minnesota I would take the Vikings, as the Vikings defense plays a lot better at home. I expect this to be a shootout with Cam Newton (I told you so) and Adrian Peterson to tear it up. 34-27 sounds about right here. Christian Ponder, who I thought was a HUGE reach in the 1st round and seemingly destined for failure…actually looks decent. Or maybe it was Donovan McNabb looking so horrific that makes Ponder look so good. Regardless, Cam Newton finds a way.

Saints (-13½) over RAMS

The most fascinating aspect of the whole Andrew Luck Sweepstakes: the Rams getting the #1 pick and the frenzy that follows. Will they take Luck and trade Bradford? Will they trade the pick for multiple picks? Will Luck pull a Eli Manning? That’s one thing to keep an eye on come next April. This game? Saints keep it rolling. Maybe only 42 points this week though.

Ravens (-13) over CARDINALS

The Ravens are mad, the Cardinals are bad. Even at home I like Baltimore here. Expect at least one defensive TD from that fierce defense. By the way, Worst Off-Season Trade/Way Too Soon Extension Award goes to Kevin Kolb. Ray Rice has a huge game. Ravens soar over the Cardinals in this one. See what I did there!

GIANTS (-10) over Dolphins

The Giants got their yearly “WTF!!!!!!!!!!!???” loss out of the way with the Seahawks loss at home. How many survivor pools were killed after that game? In one of the pools I’m in 32/28 teams were eliminated after that game. The Giants are at home, coming off a Bye and are playing Miami. Anymore reason to take the Giants here?

Redskins (+6) over BILLS

The Bills have quietly gone back to being the Bills. Still good but not AS good as everyone was hopping on that bandwagon the first month of the season. I don’t know why but I have this weird fascination with Ryan Torain, I think he’s a great RB stuck in a horrible situation. With Hightower out expect Torain to go off. The Bills can’t stop anyone and the Redskins aren’t much better. That 6 points seems like too much here. I like Washington.

Lions (-3) over BRONCOS

Sounds like Stafford is going to play. Heck, even if Shaun Hill played I would still take the Lions. I’m so sick of hearing about Tebow that I would pick the Lions even if Drew Stanton was starting. Tebow isn’t playing the Dolphins, he’s with the big boys now. Beat the Lions and then he’ll deserve some credit. For now? He’s getting on my nerves. Lions are the better team and Vegas is jumping on the Tebow bandwagon. Good for us smart betters. Lions roll in what should be a 9 point spread.

STEELERS (+3) over Patriots

Steelers as home dogs? Count me in! The Patriots can’t stop the pass and Roethlisburger is ROLLING right now. A week after torching Arizona Big Ben keeps it going against the weak Patriots defense. These two teams know each other very well, but the Pats defense isn’t what it normally is. Expect a huge game from Mike Wallace…a statement that is really the most obvious thing I can say. Oh well. It’s true.

49ers (-9) over Browns

What happened to Peyton Hillis? Oh yeah…reality sunk in. HEY! I’m not saying a white RB can’t succeed in the NFL, but a white RB can’t succeed in the NFL…ESPECIALLY against the 49ers. They still haven’t allowed a rushing TD all year, which might be the most impressive stat of the year. Alex Smith controls the game…and by controls I mean hands it off to Frank Gore 25 times and let’s him torch the Browns. Until the 49ers DON’T cover a game I’m picking them. Count me in.

Bengals (-3) over SEAHAWKS

I used to think Ginger’s couldn’t succeed in the NFL either. Andy Dalton, consider this an apology. The Dalton-AJ Green connection is quietly becoming one of the most productive in the league. Although playing in Seattle is extremely tough, the Bengals defense is good enough to overcome what the fans will bring to the table.

EAGLES (-3½) over Cowboys

Consider this the start of the Eagles resurgence. I still believe the Eagles are a force to be reckoned with. They have too much talent to not contend and become what they should become: a Super Bowl contender. Andy Reid is 12-0 coming off a Bye and I see no different here. Although the Dallas defense is pretty good the Eagles simply have too many weapons. Yes, this can be said about anyone who plays the Eagles but Vick…Sunday Night…Cowboys…remember this last year?

Probably my favorite TD celebration of all time. Yeah, I like the Eagles.

Chargers (-3½) over CHIEFS

Antonio Gates is back. Sounds like he’s back to 100%. The Chiefs aren’t as bad as we thought they were (insert Dennis Green clip here), but they’re still not a good team. The Chargers should beat them by double digits. But the Chargers should beat a lot of teams. I’ll take the Chargers, but I’m not all that confident in the pick. Hey, no one said I had to be confident in my picks did I?


Wrapping Up Tiger, Open

My Open week began Monday, prepping The Institute for our big tournament where we host about 15 PGA Tour players to play the course along with some Fry’s directors and major vendors. That Tuesday outing is always our most important day of the year and the course is always looking its best this time of the year. With the greens rolling at a glass-like 14.5 on the stimp-meter, fairways plush as Augusta National and tee boxes better than most public courses tee boxes, The Institute was ready for action.

Some of the pro’s playing the course that day included Paul Casey, Angel Cabrera, David Duval, Ricky Barnes, Rocco Mediate and Tiger Woods. I had the pleasure of being in Angel Cabrera’s group, a two time major winner and one of the longest hitters on tour. He spoke little English but watching him bomb 340 yard drives and raving about our course in Spanglish was a great experience. Seeing the pro’s play The Institute is really a treat; most of the time I’m watching 20+ handicappers chop up the course. That’s not what The Institute was built for. It was built to host a premier PGA Tour event.

This year’s outing was an especially important one because Tiger Woods, yes, Eldrick Tiger Woods, was playing too. This was the first year that Tiger had played the course, and I, along with everyone that is associated with the course was ecstatic he was coming. I wasn’t lucky enough to be in his group but I did catch a couple glimpses of him during his round. I was however able to watch him finish off the 18th green. A couple of the caddies were lucky enough to get a picture with Tiger. Those lucky bastards.

From what I heard Tiger shot a 73, two over, and really loved the course. One thing Tiger loves is plush greens. That’s why he always plays well at Augusta and dreads playing Pebble Beach: the greens. What is The Institute’s specialty? Yup, the greens. As the future site of the Open (2013 is the projected date), The Institute has gotten approval from many of the top PGA pros, but never Tiger’s. It was amazing to know he gave the course a stamp of approval. Hopefully that means future commitments to the tournament from Tiger for future Open’s.

Once Thursday came the work was over. I was able to attend Thursday’s session and watch Tiger play for about half his round. I jumped around to other players too but the obvious draw was TW. Because I worked last year’s tournament I wasn’t able to go out and watch any golf, I was stuck working security all four days and had no chance to watch any play. Luckily I was given the opportunity to watch the tournament this year and I took full advantage.

With the improved field, practically perfect weather and a tight leaderboard throughout the tournament was full of excitement and intrigue. Tiger started off the week slow with a round of +2 on Thursday but found himself in the hunt with three straight 68’s. The fact that Tiger made the cut had The Gold Channel, Fry’s, sponsors and fans alike breathe a huge sigh of relief. Not to mention Paul Casey, a top 10 player in the world, was at the top of the leaderboard heading into the weekend. A solid tournament it was turning into for sure.

Tiger is close. Very VERY close to becoming an elite player again. We often hear the phrase “fine-tuning” when talking about Tiger’s game, but in the game of golf and current state of his game it’s true: it needs fine tuning. The golf swing can’t be fixed overnight and I can’t stress enough how difficult it is switching from Hank Haney towards Sean Foley’s “Stack and Tilt” swing. With all the off-course drama, the injuries AND the swing change it was crazy to think Tiger would immediately come back and dominate.

Tiger’s swing looked good last week. There were a few swings that got away but for the most part it looked like a one part, smooth, collective swing. After the disappointing Thursday round three straight 68’s was definitely progress. He hadn’t shot two straight rounds under par all year. All his rounds could have been 3-5 shots better had it been for some short putts dropping. Tiger is playing in the Presidents Cup later this year and I expect a successful Cup for Tiger. It will be interesting to see how next season goes as Tiger would now have worked two years with Foley. I expect good things from Tiger in the future and the progress he showed during the Open was a great sign.

Their were multiple players either tied or within a couple shots of the lead on Sunday. It came down to two players with a few holes to go: Briny Baird and Bryce Molder. Two guys you probably never heard of but for what was about to come…it didn’t matter. Molder made a clutch 12 foot birdie putt on 18 to force an eventual playoff with Baird. After six, yes…SIX playoff holes Molder was finally able to stage off Baird in what was one of the most exciting finishes of the PGA Tour season.

Whether you watch golf or not you knew that Tiger was playing last week. The huge success from this tournament came from Tiger’s commitment to play in his first Fall Series event as a pro. Will he play in it again next year? My instincts say yes. Tiger upped ticket sales by +50% from last year and future commitments from Tiger will only push the tournament to new heights. With the beautiful CordeValle property as the backdrop, big names, great weather and cheap ticket prices the tournament was a huge success. That’s not even the best news…

As previously stated the tournament’s contract with CordeValle ends in 2012 and plans to move to The Institute in 2013. There are also rumors of the moving from the Fall Series to earlier in the PGA Tour season with hopes of it counting towards the FedEx Cup standings. Many of the tour’s top pro’s have already played and approved of The Institute, praising the layout, greens and property as a fantastic future site for the event. Combine The Institute and a possible move into the FedEx Cup race the hopes to be on the year’s top events.

Let’s hope that dream turns into reality.


NFL Week 5: My Picks

Here’s to a legend.

Say what you want about his recent shortcomings, but there’s no denying that Al Davis was instrumental in forming what the NFL is today. Unfortunately I’m not old enough to remember what he used to be; I’ve only been accustomed to numerous Al Davis jokes and many “The Raiders won’t be good until Al Davis dies” comments.

Whether you believe in that or not, don’t overlook what the man has done for the sport we all love today.

RIP Al Davis.

Just Win Baby.

Now onto the picks.

Last week: 9-7

35-28-1 overall.

Home teams in BOLD and CAPS.

COLTS (-3) over CHIEFS

See what I mean with Curtis Painter? I know they didn’t win (they did cover) but the Colts actually showed some signs of life on the road against the Bucs last week. The Chiefs are atrocious and the Colts are back at home. Expect Pierre Garcon to continue his resurgence as a viable #2 WR. Not that you cared about that anyway. Take the Colts.


People are sleeping on Adrian Peterson this year. Maybe it’s the fact his team has blown three straight fourth quarter leads. Maybe it’s the fact that Run RMC in Oakland has taken his thunder. Either way I like All Day to go off against a weak Cardinals D. McNabb won’t have to pass. The Vikings get their first win and take one step closer to not getting Andrew Luck.

EAGLES (-3) over BILLS

The Eagles will win this game. Book it. The Bills have been a nice story and certainly are a lot better than they’ve been in recent years, but the Eagles WILL win this game. For all the success the Bills have had on offense their defense is still below average. Expect a lot of points, but the Eagles take it by 10 points.


I’ll be honest, I liked the Texans to cover before I heard the news about Al Davis. Houston is without Andre Johnson and the Raiders will be playing with heavy hearts.


Jimmy Graham is quickly turning into Antonio Gates. Both former basketball players turned TE’s with freakish athleticism. Oh yeah, did I mention I liked Cam Newton before the year? Haters were hating, now look at him. A defensive battle this won’t be, but expect the Saints to cover here. Keep in mind for the future: the Panthers are a lot better than their record indicates.


I went back and forth on this one but decided to give it to the home team. The Bengals are actually boasting a 2-2 record with the 6th best rush defense in the league. That doesn’t bode well for MJD who is the life and death of this Jaguars team. I have a good feeling this week about him though. After MJD’s cameo on “The League” this week I can’t go against my boy. Take the Jags.


The Steelers aren’t very good. Their defense has aged overnight and Big Ben doesn’t look like an elite QB at the moment and Rashard Mendenhall is banged up. Meanwhile the Titans are actually good despite the fact their best player hasn’t shown up. Dare I say the Titans are actually a good team? I like that .5 point. Take the Titans.


Seahawks on the road. Enough said.

BUCCANEERS (+2.5) over 49ERS

Can you say letdown game? The 49ers off their best win in years are actually 3-1 and leading the horrid NFC West. Props to them. Much deserved. The Bucs did beatdown the 49ers last year 21-0 in San Francisco. Two very similar teams. Young. Driven. Up and coming. With that said the dreaded letdown game is tough to overlook.


OK my Raiders didn’t fair so well last week against these Patriots, but the Jets are divisional rivals, know the Pats, have the best cover corner in the league and are playing one of the worst defenses in the league. I like the Jets to cover, maybe not win, but the Patriots can’t stop anyone and it’s hard to imagine the Jets losing three straight weeks.


Although I hate the Chargers and their September/October screw-ups I still like them over the Broncos. The Broncos are a complete mess. Expect Brady Quinn to replace Kyle Orton at some point in this game. The Chargers simply have more talent than the Broncos. It pains me to say it, the Chargers are a lock.


Sweet Jesus…Aaron Rodgers is here isn’t he? Forget the cheater Tom Brady, forget Peyton Manning, forget oft-injured Michael Vick…Aaron Rodgers is the best QB in the league. The Packers are actually better than they were last year. They beat the Falcons in a laugher in the playoffs last year too. I love the prospect of Julio Jones but the Packers are a much better team. Expect a shootout but rhe Packers take it.

**Side note: Sunday Night Football has had some VERY good games this year. Minus the Colts vs. Steelers these Sunday night games have been great. NBC paying some big bucks for the big teams.

LIONS (-6) over BEARS

On the contrary Monday Night Football has been horrible the past few weeks. Terrible matchups. Just boring games. Boring teams. NOW we have a real matchup. Can the Lions play in primetime? Calvin Johnson….PUSHA T “EEEHHHHHKKKKKKGGGGGGG!!!”. I love this Lions team. I hear whispers that Nick Fairley will be making his debut as well. Sorry Jay.


NFL Week 4: My Picks

My fantasy football team may be in trouble. In my most important league, a league in its 2nd year that includes numerous members of my family, I’m 1-2 with a very murky outlook. In our first offline draft I drafted Peyton Manning and Frank Gore in the 4th and 5th rounds back to back (I had the 12/12 pick). Peyton is obviously done for the year and Frank Gore’s best years are behind him. Ugh. Thought they would be worth the picks at the point in the draft but so far they haven’t panned out.

I don’t want to bore you with my fantasy team lineup or waiver wire pickups or my ridiculous trade proposals that I hoped the other owner would accidently click “Accept Trade” (Don’t act like you haven’t proposed those before) so they went through. I just needed a little venting. I haven’t missed the playoffs in fantasy football at all. Ever. That includes the last 5-6 years or so. We’ll see how this year goes: a $300 prize is on the line. Not to mention the trash talking, trophy and year of bragging rights I get if I win.

Here’s hoping I get back on track this week after two straight heartbreaking losses (both by less than 5 points).

9-7 last week.

26-21-1 overall.

Home teams in BOLD and CAPS

Lions (+1) over COWBOYS

Another favorable Cowboys line. The Lions should be 3.5 point favorites here. As long as Stafford and Megatron are healthy I like the Lions most weeks to cover. The Cowboys are banged up. They haven’t scored a touchdown in two weeks. Not to mention they’re playing a Lions team ON FIRE. Take. The. Lions.

Saints (-7) over JAGUARS

For my fantasy team’s sake I hope MJD goes off here. Knowing my luck he’ll carry the ball 24 times for 56 yards and a fumble. We know the Saints can put up points and we know the Jags can’t. The Jags are starting Blaine Gabbert and the Saints have Drew Brees. Both defenses are below average but the Saints will win this by 10+. Here’s hoping the score is 40-30 with MJD scoring three times. Yeah…right.

49ers (+7) over EAGLES

I’m riding the 49ers cover train baby! They’re 2-0-1 against the spread this year. The Eagles look like the worst best team ever. What would you give me for: the Eagles NOW vs. the Miami Heat during their terrible 9-8 start? This will be Kendall Hunter’s breakout game. With Gore likely to be active but be on the sidelines the stage is set for Hunter to show what he’s got against the league’s worst run defense. Hunter looked good last week while Gore has looked sluggish. Will Vick stay on the field long enough to secure a W? I think he will. I like the Eagles to win 21-17.

RAMS (+1) over Redskins

This is the start of the Redskins coming back to reality. They aren’t that good. Before the season I thought they were the worst team in the league. Coming off a short week and a loss traveling away to St. Louis I like the home team here.

Titans (PICK) over BROWNS

I really can’t explain how the Titans are 2-1 right now. CK2K has played about 1/4 of himself. Their defense doesn’t jump off the page screaming “GREATNESS” like the old Titans. Somehow Matt Hasselback has looked like his Super Bowl self (Yeah…remember he started the Super Bowl?). Meanwhile the Browns are back to being the Browns. This will be the “Chris Johnson is Back and 412409810948190849140384 Fantasy Owners Rejoice” game.

Bills (-3) over BENGALS

OK, remember how I said I wasn’t a Bills believer? For three quarters I was feeling pretty smart. Then the Tom Brady pick-fest happened and the Bills 4th quarter swag came back. The Bills can put up points anywhere and Cincinnati is no different. Bills win big.

Vikings (-2) over CHIEFS

After Adrian Peterson’s lack of touches/complaints last week I expect 93 carries against KC this week. Wouldn’t be surprised if his stat-line is something like: 382 yards, 6 TD, 135 receiving yards, 1 passing TD, recovered fumble & 4.5 sacks.


My readers/Twitter followers know I’m a firm Cam Newton believer. What has he done this season so far? Just rank 3rd in the league in passing yards with a 59.8% completion rate and 4 TD’s/4 INT’s. Not bad for a rookie that can’t play in the NFL. The Bears? They can’t block anyone. Seriously. NO ONE. Panthers win this game outright.

TEXANS (-4) over Steelers

The Steelers look bad this year. Not just bad by their standards…but BAD by any standards. The Texans should have beaten the Saints last week after failing to score in the red zone numerous times. Houston is home, Arian Foster is back and the Steelers are coming off a CLOSE win against a Peyton Manning-less Colts team. The Texans roll.

Giants (+1) over CARDINALS

I guess Vegas thinks the Cardinals are better than they actually are. I don’t see how Vegas favors the Cardinals here. I guess they see the Giants will have a letdown game after their beat down of the Eagles last week. I don’t see it. The Giants are better. Osi is back. Eli may not be completely average. Giants all the way.

Falcons (-5) over SEAHAWKS

I thought about this one for awhile. By awhile I mean about 45 seconds. Still, I think the Falcons take this by a TD. The Falcons have looked horrible this year. Yes they beat the Eagles but that was at home, with Vick hurt against the worst rush defense in the NFL. The Falcons are simply too talented not to win this game by a TD. Just typing that sentence had be re-considering this pick. Oh well. Too late to go back now.

Dolphins (+9) over CHARGERS

Even though the Chargers are 2-1 they’ve been looking like the Chargers of September we all know. Barely beating the Vikings at home, losing to the Pats and beating the horrific Chiefs by a mere FG all show signs of a Norv Turner team. I think Brandon Marshall goes off in this game and Reggie Bush doesn’t look entirely useless. I like Miami.

PACKERS (-13) over Broncos

Aaron Rodgers. Lambeau Field. Broncos defense. That is all.

RAIDERS (+4.5) over Patriots.

Like the 49ers I’m riding the Raiders cover train until it stops baby! In my season preview I liked the Raiders to win the AFC West and win 10 games. Prediction looks pretty solid right now as the Raiders come off a convincing win against a supposed Super Bowl contender. The Patriots are pissed after losing a 21 point lead against their division rival Bills. The “Richard Seymour Comeback” game is in full effect. We’ll hear his name a few times in the broadcast. This will be a great game to watch…a straight shootout. Until the Raiders prove me otherwise I’m rolling with them. Oh yeah and Run DMC is pretty good too.

Jets (+4) over RAVENS

I had a tough time with this one. Like I stated last week I hate betting on the Ravens, you never know what you’re going to get. Both good defenses. Both with iffy QB’s (Yes Flacco thew 3 TD’s last week but that Titans game I still can’t get over). I expect at least one defensive TD from the Jets D in this game. The Jets have a nice comeback win after their loss last week.

Colts (+10.5) over BUCCANEERS 

Am I crazy to think that Curtis Painter may not be a terrible thing for the Colts? Seriously. At least he can move around a little bit. He kept the Colts in their game last week against the Steelers. 10.5 is a ton of points to a Bucs team that doesn’t score a lot of points. I like the Colts to cover here.


NFL Week 3: My Picks

I’m planning on having short descriptions for each game for my weekly picks, but due to reasons outside my control (Mayweather/Ortiz, parties, etc.) I wasn’t able to last week. I still went 11-5-1. Maybe I should make my picks slightly buzzed all the time?

Also, so you know where I’m at mentally, I will never ever ever ever ever put money on the Ravens (or Titans) again. I chose Baltimore in not one, but TWO survivor pools last week and they screwed me. Seriously, how does a Super Bowl contender, after de-pantsing Pittsburgh the week before, lose to a Matt Hasselback led Titans team against one of the top defenses in the league? I will try to avoid putting my money on any Ravens game this year because of this game. I can’t trust Baltimore.

That’s the NFL for you. Time for the picks.

11-5-1 last week.

19-13-1 overall.

Home teams in BOLD.

49ers (+3) over Bengals 

This game is entirely dependent on Frank Gore. He hasn’t looked like Gore this year at all. I don’t see the explosion or cuts out of his legs like I usually do. Can it be because the line is bad? Sure, but the 49ers have never had a particularly great line. Can it be the poor QB play? Sure, but 49ers QB’s have never torn it up. If Frank Gore turns into Frank Gore (125+, 1 TD, 40 receiving yards), then the 49ers win this game straight up. This will be a close one.

Patriots (-9) over Bills

I’m not a believer in the Bills yet. They beat down a horrible Chiefs team and an unproven Raiders secondary traveling across the country after a Monday night game. The Patriots pass defense isn’t that much better, if at all, but the Bills gave up 35 points to a depleted Raiders offense at home, not a good sign with Tom Brady and Co. coming into town. The Bills will get their usual 17-24 points, but the Patriots will go for 35+.

Saints (-3.5) over Texans

The Shootout in the Superdome. The Saints made Jay Cutler look like a rag doll last week but the Houston offensive line isn’t as bad as Chicago’s. Houston’s secondary is better but not good enough to contain the Saints. Arian Foster is most likely out while Mark Ingram has yet to show up in the NFL. Something’s gotta give right? Both teams will put up points but the home factor will push the Saints to victory. I see a 31-24 or 34-27 game here. This will be a fun one to watch.

Eagles (7.5) over Giants 

Michael Vick will play, but will he finish the game? I don’t think he will, but the Philly defense will blitz and haunt Eli Manning’s dreams for games to come. The Giants won’t score more than 14 points in this game. So can Vick put up enough points by the time he gets another concussion? I think he will. His backup’s backup didn’t look to bad last week either. Seriously though, how is Vince Young hurt right now? Anyone remember? I can’t.

Dolphins (+3) over Browns 

I saw this stat this week where it said the Dolphins are 1-13 in their last 14 home games? I could be off by a game or two but that’s ridiculous. I guess you can be better away than at home? Didn’t think that was possible. Anyway, the pre-season hype for the Browns quickly died after Colt Mccoy started to look like a bottom 10 QB and people finally figured out that Peyton Hillis is white. I like the Dolphins to take this one easily.

Titans (-7) over Broncos

Ugh. I guess I have to pick this game. The Broncos are atrocious and the Titans aren’t very much better. I still am confused about the Titans win last week. I probably will NEVER get that one. Titans are home here and the Broncos look like a team waltzing their way towards a top 5 pick next year. Wouldn’t be surprised if Brady Quinn saw some snaps here late either. I think CJ2K looks like CJ2K here too. Expect 100+ yards and multiple touchdowns from him.

Lions (-4) over Vikings 

The Lions are for real. I know I know you’ve heard that 10392398149 times this NFL season but I had my doubts. With Stafford healthy this is a playoff team. They put up points like nobody’s business and put pressure on the QB like no other team in the league. McNabb has looked BAD two games in. Peterson will get his usual but the Lions, in a dome, with everyone healthy? Double digit win for them on Sunday.

Jaguars (+4) over Panthers 

Just a gut feeling here. No reason to believe Cam won’t throw for another 350+ and 2+ TD’s. No reason to believe Blaine Gabbert will come in and actually show signs of a passing game. Can MJD play like the MJD of old? I think he can, especially against a depleted Panthers LB corps. Jaguars by a FG here.

Chiefs (+15) over Chargers 

The Chargers will still win this game but the Chiefs will cover. Why? Because the Chargers are always due for a stinker game (or four) the first month of the season. The Chiefs know the Chargers being in their division. The Chiefs can’t be THAT bad can they? OK, with Berry and Charles out they might be. That’s a lot of points the Chargers are giving knowing their early season struggles.

Raiders (+3.5) over Jets

Upset special: the Raiders will beat the Jets outright. The Raiders defensive front is quietly one of the best in the league,  and when Sanchez gets pressure he looks nothing more than an average QB. Heck, even without pressure he looks like an average QB. The Jets aren’t an high scoring team. So can the Raiders offense put up points against a tough Jets D? That’s the question. Revis will most likely roam considering the Raiders have no true No. 1 receiver. Look out for whoever Cromartie is covering (especially if its Waka Flocka Denarious Moore Flocka Flame) to break one for a big gain. Raiders home opener with the Jets traveling cross country. I like the Raiders.

Ravens (-3.5) over Rams

As I said before I will not be putting money on the Ravens the rest of the season. But the Rams are without Steven Jackson and have the most injuries in the league. Baltimore was embarrassed last week and this week they get back on track. Expect at least one defensive TD from them on Sunday too. This line should be double what it is. Oh well. Take the Ravens. Can’t believe I just typed that.

Falcons (+1) over Buccaneers 

The Falcons got the win last week, but if Michael Vick plays out the game the Eagles win it. The Bucs were down by 17 points to the Vikings before making a comeback in the Metrodome. With that said the Falcons are the better team. They have the better supporting cast on offense and the better defense. Talib on Roddy White will be fun to watch but keep an eye on Julio Jones, this could be his breakout game.

Seahawks (+3.5) over Cardinals

Can’t believe I’m picking the Seahawks here. They are absolutely atrocious. The Cardinals SHOULD win this game. This game won’t be for the faint of heart. No one outside of Arizona and Seattle should be watching this monstrosity of a game. One thing going for Seattle: their at home. Seattle is one of the toughest places to play and the Cardinals aren’t good enough to win big despite that. At worst the Cardinals win by a FG.

Packers (-4) over Bears

The Bears can’t stop ANYBODY from taking down Cutler. The Saints ripped him a new asshole last week. Figuratively and literally. The Packers blitz and blitz and blitz and today should be no different. The Packers put up points and I expect the Packers win this game by double digits. The Packers are clearly the better team, so the fact that they play each other twice a year doesn’t have much bearing with me. Expect Rodgers to have a big deal and Cutler to get sacked…and sacked…and sacked.

Steelers (-11) over Colts 

The Steelers defense…playing a Peyton Manning-less Colts…starting Kerry Collins…anything else need to be said here?

Redskins (+6.5) over Cowboys 

This line is a typical Cowboys line. The line-makers always give too much credit to the Cowboys. No way should they be 6.5 point favorites after barely squeaking by the 49ers last week. Romo, Felix and Dez are all banged up. Miles Austin isn’t playing. The Redskins are actually playing pretty well this year, Grossman is looking like an actual NFL QB, Hightower/Helu are running well and DeAngelo is a ball hawk. Take the Skins.